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I am a very visual/auditory person and I absolutely love when fashion is further brought to life through the art of film making.  In this video Prada is featured by a Chinese film maker, Yang Fudong, in a short black and white vignette that not only intrigues the senses but also leaves the character’s behaviours, plot and emotions up for interpretation through our various imaginatory wanderings.

Another of my favorite vignettes was brought to us by Holt Renfrew for Fall 2009 and featured our very own Canadian girl, Coco Rocha.  It’s fun, energetic and not only makes me want to shop the day away but also makes me want to play dress up with my sister like when we were kids. 

From a marketing perspective, anything that can pull on someones heart strings like that and tap into their inner emotions rather than just pushing the hard sell is a successful campaign.  I encourage all fashion houses to start using these vignettes to showcase their products through auditory and visual sensations as well as tugging on those heartstrings and letting us all dream of the possibilities. 

After all, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Rosevelt

I just came across this new Fashion Vignette – A Film About Pringle of Scotland by David Shrigley.  I love the humour that is used to promote the history of the brand as well as their personal belief systems.  Why not proclaim that you are the best in a funny way?  It always seems to reduce the shock and offense that the message would normally deliver if it was bluntly stated.

On a more serious, informative note – Brooks Brothers created a documentary style vignette focusing specifically on The Story of Saxxon Wool.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a direct link to post the video to my blog so you can click on the link below to take you directly to the video on the Brooks Brothers website:

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